All human beings dream of leading a luxurious and pleasant life, steeped on wealth instead of a life where stress, bills, and potential broke – finances are at the rendezvous. Thanks to new technologies, people can now make money online through different means. Making money online can be hard, but if you keep going through the harsh encounters, you can be successful. Here are some easy ways to make money online:


Freelance writing

One of the most popular ways to earn money online is by Freelance writing. The most successful freelance writers earn up to 50p or £1 per word! Indeed, when you first get into this field, you won’t be famous instantly. But, if you build your portfolio, a good resume and love writing, then you should absolutely do it. However, you should be aware that it takes a long road packed with dedication and time, to become successful in this field. Freelance writing consists of some investment to build a blog, so that you can reach out to freelance writing companies. If you do not want to invest, you can still do it by making an online portfolio, and a LinkedIn profile which can help you get started.

Winning at Online Casinos

Winning at online casinos is all about luck. While some players might win few pounds from time to time, others can win big at once! Given that online casinos provide a variety of games, you can try your luck, and even win some big money.

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Sell your old stuffs online

Now that online auctions exist; the market of online selling is on the rise. There are different ways of selling goods online, and it does not matter if the good has already been used if it can be used again. The steps to follow if you want to sell online are:

  • Register a PayPal account- It is the main tool of online business as you can get paid through it.
  • Take good pictures- If you want to attract clients, you should take good pictures of your goods so that these are attractive to the eyes. It is better if you set up a small studio with good light and a good camera, if you want to succeed in this field.
  • Stay honest – If you are selling used goods, be honest about every blemish, scratch or dent.


Making money by blogging can be a huge success if you have patience, discipline and persistence. It will require posts for around a year before you finally start making big money. Ways to monetise your blog are:

  • Advertising- You can sign up on Google, so that you can sell advertising spots on your site.
  • Affiliates- You can join hands to sell other people’s products which are related to your blog. This can be done through banners or links, hence each time someone clicks on these, you get a percentage of funds.

Choose the best way out of these, and grab some income online!