Infor is a really mediatized business enterprise software company that gained a huge growth in the past 3 years. That is basically because of the influence of the new president. Charles Phillips was Oracle’s president and ever since he became the head of Infor, the strategies that worked really well at Oracle have been implemented in the new venture. Charles was always keen on making changes and development and his position at Infor offers the full freedom to do just that. Every single year the products that are sold by Infor are getting better and better. All this is because of a very aggressive investment strategy that led towards a growth of customers. In only 4 years Infor reached 70,000 business clients, which is definitely a huge growth in the sector.

Charles recently talked with Fox Business because of the fact that there are many companies that are cloud-based and that operate in the market with no real revenue. The business enterprise software clients, the users of the apps are now going through a change. They are normally faced with different old systems used that offer no real speed or safety. Old market service providers offer something that is no longer as useful as it used to be. Systems utilized in the current ERP scene are expensive, too complex and very expensive to properly maintain.

Phillips highlighted that the customers are now moving away from the old systems and look for the new cloud based options available on the market. Business cloud technology at the enterprise level is now not overvalued, which is not the case with the regular companies that are offering old software and hardware systems. It was highlighted that the infrastructure necessary to make changes is nowadays available. Customers will eventually choose the cloud computing technology because of the fact that this is a demand that has been reality for over 15 years now.

Infor is proof that business users are now looking at cloud technology as a great opportunity for them. Charles Phillips became Infor CEO and ended up proving that business users look for cloud apps. We are looking at a growth that is led by healthcare, manufacturing industries and the public sector. Infor showed constant growth in the number of business clients in APAC and Latin America. Europe was problematic but growth is also present there.

Charles has been investing and will keep investing billions in the development of a state-of-the-art social network of companies. This basically means that we are faced with constant development. Infor keeps acquiring different new companies in order to gain technology that is lacking in the services that are offered. Technology does change and Infor is considering moving towards a public company but only in the event that the money gained is going to help improve what is offered.

In the year 2010 we saw just 4 people being employed by Infor. Now the company employs over 13,000. The mission that the company has is to improve the working environment and improve speed.