Outsourcing data center management is a viable and economical option for many businesses, especially those who don’t have the specialist team in-house to build and correctly maintain software internally.

There are many business benefits that can be harnessed, including increased uptime, reduced risk and lower costs in terms of power, space and tax. However, with the outsourcing of data center management fast becoming a trend amongst businesses of all sizes, how do you sort the wheat from the chaff when selecting the right provider for you and your budget?

Value and a Proven Track Record

There are a variety of infrastructure management specialists available, however choosing a provider that best meets your needs, offers great value for money and has an esteemed track record is essential. Whilst the provider you choose may not be the cheapest, selecting a company that is revered in online reviews and customer testimonials is a sure-fire way of choosing a reputable vendor to lead your data center infrastructure management strategy.

Don’t be afraid to ask for case studies from your prospective vendor, and follow these up to prove their authenticity.

Complete Management without Restraint

Selecting a company that provides a complete asset management solution without limiting your control as a customer is an important factor in taking a hands-on yet hassle-free approach to your infrastructure strategy. Many leading data management specialists allow you to track the status, location and movements of your assets as well as providing regular reports to make documentation and compliance easier to handle. Businesses are also given access to valuable real-time updates in regards to faults and physical changes within high value assets.

Best Business Practice

Choosing a data center management provider that puts planning and provisioning at the forefront of operations is also highly recommended. Not only will this quality ensure that your business objectives are achieved and maintained efficiently, it will also ensure that your data center and any additional infrastructure solutions evolve with your business, network devices and applications. Automated planning and provision tools are available to IT Managers looking to interpret asset management easily. These automated systems make quick calculations to ensure your team has all the information it needs to control resources effectively.

Keep Security High on the Agenda

The security of your data center is perhaps the most important factor in the management of your infrastructure. Opting for a vendor that provides location-based security is advisable, whilst comprehensive management technologies that deliver real time updates to report malicious activity and unauthorised system access provide an excellent solution for in-house IT and security staff.