When people picture sonography jobs, they will most likely think of someone who is showing someone an image of their fetus for the first time on an ultrasound. In fact, there is a lot more sonography than this, and it can be used to help detect a whole number of medical abnormalities without there being any invasive procedure.


It’s this lack of invasiveness that gives sonography its big advantage. Compared to something such as exploratory surgery, sonography has no known complications. From the first incision in a surgery, risk of complications grow exponentially.


Often it is the abdomen that goes through these ultrasound tests; looking for anything from kidney stones to liver disease. A lot of the time, symptoms of these abdominal related problems can be misread. Sonography helps in this regard as unnecessary surgery is avoided, while also being able to search a relatively large area in a short period of time. Due to the fact, in theory, none of these sessions should last much longer than thirty minutes.


Sonography can also be used to help identify more accurately for breast and testicular lumps. This type of screening is extremely important as it can be one of the scariest things imaginable to find a lump on your body. Therefore, a process that is cheap and non intrusive to confirm what it is can help massively. Luckily a lot of the time, it can be a case that these lumps are quite natural and non-cancerous. However this test allows these things to be found out early on. Whether it’s good news or bad news, you would rather want to find out sooner rather than later.


Beyond physical shapes, sonography can also identify blood or fluid flow. Various techniques on the computer can be used to enhance these type of liquid, and it can be identified where they are flowing to and from. This means abnormalities can be detected quickly. On top of this, the precise area within which a problem is occurring or stemming from can also be detected quickly.


There are many other specific medical procedures that rely heavily on sonography. We do not have time to go through them all today. I hope this article has highlighted though how much more than pregnancy scans sonography is a part of. It can help identify severe problems while being non intrusive. While also being a key player in detecting and diagnosing breast and testicular cancer early on.