The right B2B marketing software saves you valuable time and money. Saved time and money can be used to develop procedures that streamline everyday business processes, allow you to make more media presentations (i.e. radio interviews, television appearances), develop intellectual property and improve upon existing products or services.


Benefits gained from using the right B2B marketing software depend on you, the courage you exercise to implement your vision, the passion for what you do and your ability to manage employee and customer relationships. Yet, choosing the right B2B marketing software can take a bit of work. This a process you don’t want to rush.


The first thing to look for when searching for a B2B marketing software is a multi-platform system. For example, Salesfusion B2B marketing software is designed with a 9-point platform. Major platforms built into the system are email marketing, social marketing, event management, lead to revenue and lead capture. Other platforms are website tracking, lead scoring, campaign manager and customer relationship management integration.


When choosing an email marketing platform, make sure the platform is compliant with federal CAN-SPAM regulations. Developing emails should also be easy. This means that you shouldn’t have to use complicated HTML codes to craft emails. Instead, the platform should, at the minimum, use an integrated HTML editor. A good platform will also handle bounced emails, have a multilingual capability and make it easy for people to subscribe or unsubscribe from content distribution lists.


In regards to social marketing, the right B2B marketing software system should give you access to push content out to the top social media vendors (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest). However, getting access to the platform itself won’t guarantee your success. This is because, as Forbes shares, “One of the keys to a successful social media marketing platform is knowing your own business.”


Furthermore, “A large platform is going to have needs and attributes which require a very different approach to social media marketing than a small, local business will need to be successful.” This means that you must be honest about your business’ strengths and weaknesses. Don’t say your business has a national reach if you only advertise and sell to customers who live in Nashville, Tennessee. If staff at your company aren’t bilingual, don’t advertise your company as a business that caters to customers who are from countries that speak little English.


More so, operate a small business and you’ll want to focus on introducing your products or services to customers who exist in a tri-city or tri-state area of where your company is located. Gaining national exposure for a large corporation is going to require a broader reach. It’s this same honesty and knowledge about your business that will help you achieve success using other platforms, including event management, lead to revenue, lead capture, website tracking, lead scoring, campaign manager and customer relationship management integration.


After you find a software program that offers each of the above services, making it easier for you to introduce your products or services to large numbers of potential customers, make sure that the staff at the company you buy or lease the software from are available to offer trainings. These staff members should also be available to answer questions you or your employees have, preferably at no additional costs.