Pull up banners and Pop up Banners are essential when you are planning how to raise the profile of your business or draw attention to a new offer or sale. These types of display banner are highly useful for imparting small amounts of key information to the people who need it – and want it – the most. Display banners are also relatively economical and can be used over and over again.

When you are looking to stand out with your roll up banner you need to consider a variety of things. Images can make a big difference but colour really affects how well your company is seen by others. Here’s what we know about colour and banner stand design.

1. Best Background Colours

When you want people to be able to read your pull up banner it is important to choose colours and fonts wisely. You need to be able to read the text at a distance, which makes it important to choose background colours that do not overwhelm the message, and text and image colours that go together well. Above all, do not use yellow and white as a colour combination when you want people to read text – it is hardly noticeable on this backdrop.

2. Psychology Of Colours

Different colours have different effects on people, from colours like blue that represent stability and professionalism, to colours like orange that signify fun and activity. People react to colours in various ways, deciding whether to trust the brand or move on. Think about the effects different colours will have on your customers, and decide which colours will be best to focus on.

3. Different Colours for Different Audiences

When you are designing your pop up stands you need to consider your audience and what they like, as this will enable you to design a more effective banner. For example, are you targeting kids or parents of young children – using light and bright colours and cartoon images? Or are you attracting older customers with more traditional tones and shades?

4. Use of White Space

White space is not wasted on a pop up banner – when you want something to stand out you need to give it white space. White space helps to give your banner a professional look and make it easier for people to see your key message. When you do not have much white space the whole display can look confusing, and it makes it more difficult to engage with the brand. White, when used properly, also creates the impression of a much larger space.

Image courtesy of Graphics Mouse / FreeDigitalPhotos.net