Communication is a vital part of every organization, no matter. It is an integral part of the workplace that impacts greatly on employee output. Every Manager or Organizational Head can communicate, but not everyone communicates effectively.

Effective communication is a leadership trait that keeps employees motivated. It is important because it:

  • Eliminates misunderstanding
  • Encourages a healthy work environment
  • Motivates employees
  • Improves output

As a result, effective communication with employees is an aspect of every organization that must be taken seriously. In this piece, you will find out how to maximize communication in your organization.

There are several ways to share information with employees. To effectively communicate with your employees, do the following:

  • Open meeting
  • Emails
  • Presentations
  • Visuals
  • One on one
  • Corporate newspaper


This kind of meeting creates an avenue for employees to not just hear your words, but also feel the passion. It is one of the most effective ways of communicating with employees because it combines both verbal and non-verbal communication.

To make open meetings work, use simple words, create a receptive atmosphere with no hint of tension. Make your employees feel that they can relax so as to understand you and air their views freely. Open meetings work best if they are made interactive. Use the appropriate tone and language.


This the most common means of communication in the workplace. It is useful because it allows you to communicate with employees without interrupting their work. To communicate effectively with emails, ensure that you do not send unnecessary emails. If employees receive irrelevant official emails, they will start taking it for granted. Ensure that every email is necessary and sent to the right employee(s). In addition, use simple words and avoid unnecessary repetitions.


Microsoft PowerPoint is a powerful presentation and communication tool. When used to communicate to employees, the combination of words, pictures, and even sound reinforces communication. It also affords employees the opportunity to refer back to it when the need arises. As long as the presentation is tailored to the information you want to pass, and presented properly, employees will grasp.


In many modern workplaces, the designs are made with the employees in minds. These days, the versatility of interior décor makes it possible to do so much. The use of visuals, for example, is a creative way to communicate with employees. When placed at strategic points in the workplace, employees are constantly reminded. It reinforces the words spoken and gives room for better compression.


Employees come with different personalities and ability level. All these must be factored into every aspect of organizational activities, and that includes communication. One on one conversation is a very effective means of communication. Many people understand better at that level. To make it very effective, keep it simple, maintain eye contact so that the message sinks. Gesticulate when necessary, create a receptive atmosphere and use the right body language.


Effectiveness in communication also means that employees are able to trust the information they get. This is what spurs them to take the necessary action. A corporate newspaper is a highly effective way to achieve this. First, it provides an avenue for the organization to speak directly to employees in their own words. The second is, it dispels uncertainty, especially in this age of fake news. It is a trusted means of communication that builds trust between you and your employees.

In essence, when employing a communication strategy, combine several means. Keep it simple, create the right atmosphere and give room for feedback. Use corporate newspaper to build trust.  Click here for your newspaper print.