UntitledDespite some business sectors now finally starting to see an upturn in terms of economic performance and demand, this period between recession and full recovery still mean some uncertain times for most business operations.

So if you have a company that it starting to experience some growth, and therefore taking on more employees, it’s likely that you will need to look for some larger office space in which to fulfil your requirements. Yet, in such times, you may believe that it is important to be a bit cautious, and not end up spending money which you may need to fall back on if things turn sour in the economy again.

One solution that is appearing as a highly viable option for many businesses at the moment is to rent a space in a serviced office. Found all over the country; particularly in the major urban centres, there are a number of reasons why these can be beneficial.


Serviced offices offer companies an incredibly flexible way to get into a suitable, professional space, without the ties and drawbacks that buying somewhere would bring. With a business that could potentially grow at a quick rate, renting a serviced office means that you can upgrade to take more space as and when you need it. Additionally, if you need to leave for whatever reason, you can generally do so with a relatively short notice period, and you aren’t stuck with a building which you still need to pay for, or attempt to sell.

No large initial outlay

Finding the large initial investment to purchase an office can leave a massive hole in your company budgets. However, with a serviced office you will usually only need to pay a small deposit and then manageable monthly rental payments. If you are setting up in the capital for example, the serviced offices London has to offer will be incredibly affordable in comparison to the high land costs associated with buying some of the most prestigious parts of the city where companies are based.

Can get to work straight away

Moving offices could see your business having to spend days, if not weeks of downtime setting up home in a new space – if it was purchased that is. On the other hand, serviced offices offer professional, workable spaces from the outset, which means you could potentially move in and start from exactly where you left off on the very same day.

Everything is included

The rental charges you pay will include absolutely everything your business will need to be fully operational. From the basics such as your desks and chairs, to the components which help a modern company run smoothly such as high speed internet connection to individual phone lines to each of your members of staff, you won’t feel like you need to get anything else to give you the professional image that you want to portray. Most serviced offices even come with reception staff to meet and greet your clients and visitors.

Here are some major profits of a serviced office:

Serviced offices can be a very useful way of reducing the expenses of your business, as well as providing a variety of benefits, some typical illustrations include:

  • Cost-effectiveServiced offices are generally a less expensive choice of proceeding a business because you are successfully spending to lease an office with all the advantages in one complement, rather than spending for everything on an personal basis.
  • Accessibility – Many Serviced offices have useful features such as, clerical assistants Air-conditioning, high speed internet and meeting rooms.
  • Financial management – you are given more management over your fund because you are decreasing costly operating expenses. You will be able to guess how much you spend, providing you an advanced level of financial control.