About ten years ago, the thought of CCTV camera systems in our vehicles was completely unthinkable – the technology simply wasn’t ready for it yet. Sure, the technology was there, but the costs were too high for it to have any real benefit. Times have changed, however, and right now the opposite seems to be true – it seems that not having the CCTV camera system in your car is unreasonable. You need it, now more than ever, and it’s completely affordable. More and more companies are using the system for their everyday operations, and for good reason: you want to know exactly what happened in case things have gone wrong. Here’s why it makes complete sense to use CCTV camera systems for your vehicles.

Protection against false claims

The phrase “crash for cash” is becoming more and more popular (or should we say, infamous) nowadays – it’s a real phenomenon and it pays to protect against it. With CCTV cameras, it’s possible to protect yourself from such outrageous claims and ensure that you are not a victim of false claims. Everything is recorded, after all, and the recordings can be used as evidence in court.

Preventing theft

Thanks to the CCTV, drivers can be more alert and see things without revealing they have seen them – they have no more blind spots whilst they stay in a relatively safe area. This is especially useful for drivers of large vans or lorries. It also helps prevent theft of either goods or the vehicle itself, and helps in the recovery of the items in case the incidents do occur.

Driver behaviour

Good driver behaviour is essential in any operation that involves a fleet of vehicles – you are, after all, entrusting an expensive asset to the driver. Monitoring driver behaviour (and discovering flaws or recording correct decisions) can help you re-train the driver or encourage more of the good behaviour by pointing out what went right or what went wrong.

Passenger behaviour

It’s not just the behaviour of the driver that can be monitored – the passengers can be, too – which can prove important in case of unwanted incidents or customer complaints.

In the end, the system of employing a car CCTV is not so that you – or any other person – can spy on people; after all, nobody wants to be watching the reports that are generated without proper cause. It’s not about being able to keep track of things that are happening, or have happened. It’s about being able to gain information that might be essential in order to improve things. It’s about being able to disprove false reports and show the facts as they are. It’s about safety and efficiency – it’s about progress for everyone concerned.

Image attributed to start08/FreeDigitalPhotos.net