“Content is king” has been an adage in the business world for over a decade, and it is still true. Not only is content still king, it reigns supreme. The only reason someone could claim that this isn’t the case is by pointing out that certain kinds of content are not as effective as they used to be. However, the basic principle that you need material for your website or social media account to drive user engagement is still true. What may have changed are the reasons why this is true and how content accomplishes this, but the power of content is not debatable.

Users Don’t Like a Void

You may have had the experience of visiting a website only to find that it is practically empty. It is like being excited about going to a party and then realizing that there is hardly anyone there. The host might claim that the gathering is more intimate and actually comfortable, but if there is not enough going on, you are not likely to stay. Even if the party is quite active with a large number of guests, it there is nothing interesting to do, you will leave. Visitors to your website are like guests at a party. They will form a negative impression of your business if you do not have an attractive website or engaging content. Once this impression is been created, it is hard to change it.

This doesn’t mean that you should give up hope if you have had a rather lackluster launch for your website. However, the time is now to include plentiful, engaging content that will pique the interest of a variety of users. You may include everything from a gluten-free bread recipe to USC MMLIS. In the old days of content production, the obsession was the generation and placement of the right keywords. While these principles are still used in today’s content strategy, the emphasis has changed.

The Old Way of Doing Things

There is hardly a website content strategy that doesn’t employ the concept of keywords, however, today’s approach does not focus as excessively on keywords as it did in the past. It wasn’t too long ago that you would visit websites and be an inundated with massive amounts of poor quality content that was not informative or interesting but was simply chocked full of the same words used over and over again. These keywords were meant to drive search engine results and to bring people using those search terms to the website. In recent years, however, Google and other search engines have cracked down on poor quality content

Quality Is King

Nowadays, the aim is not to have content packed with keywords but to create quality, engaging content that will keep visitors on your site for a longer amount of time. The type of written content that is effective include longer, informative articles that are unique and require time to read. While the user is on your site, he or she is likely to notice ads and other promotions. In addition, the article could be on a topic related to the product or service you provide and could be a subtle advertisement. In addition to written content, most websites have videos to promote products. It is fairly easy nowadays to create a YouTube video or a homemade short film for your business.

Long Live the King

Content has evolved throughout the years but is still a basic component of any website strategy. The focus on content nowadays is that it should be high-quality, engaging and shareable. When forming a content strategy, it is important to take into account website and social media uses and make sure your content can be viewed comfortably on a mobile device.