No matter what the size or purpose of your business is, one crucial asset you will need from the get-go is a lawyer. Having a legal professional to go to for legal advice, and to have go to bat for you in the event of a lawsuit, is crucial to keeping your business on the books, in the black, and mostly free of legal trouble. Chances are you put a lot of effort into choosing the right accounting practice to handle your money. Now you need to put a lot of effort into choosing the right business attorney to help you in the event of any legal problems.

Lawyer is Important for Your BusinessFrom a proactive stance, a lawyer will assist you with the proper “Legal-ese” wording for contracts and other enforceable documents, help you navigate the copyright and trademark system, and ensure that your business is following all local and national compliance laws. And, in the event of a lawsuit, your business lawyer will be by your side from the moment you’ve been served until you’re leaving the courtroom after a hearing.

Generally, it pays to hire a global law firm, as they have the most experience with businesses of all shapes and sizes and from every possible industry. They also most likely are reputable and fair to deal with, since if they weren’t they wouldn’t have made it to the global level. A global law firm such as Bob Bratt DLA piper can provide you with every possible bit of legal advice you might need – as well as some tidbits and helpful guidance that you wouldn’t have thought of on your own.

If you’re looking to cut expenses as you prepare your business, don’t slash the retaining of a lawyer off your list. Generally, if you’re going to get sued – and you may very well be, since most businesses will encounter this unpleasantness at least once – you’ll want to have a lawyer already waiting in the wings. This beats having to scramble last minute for a lawyer who can help you settle out of court or otherwise handle the lawsuit without having to go through the costly and lengthy court process.

While it’s obvious that a global law firm can provide you with many benefits, you may be deciding if you should go big or go small. On one hand, a large global law firm will provide you with access to many different types of lawyers who bring many valuable skills and abilities to the table. On the other hand, a larger firm means larger associated costs, whereas a smaller firm will generally have lower rates. But depending on the type of business you do, you may find that a large law firm is better than a small one, or vice versa.

Before signing on a business law firm, make sure you’ve gone over all variables between the potential firm and yourself: what they have to offer, what they require from you, and of course, what the costs will be.