If you are like many residents across the country, you have certainly noticed that continuous rise of energy costs in the United States. These higher prices have made it difficult for some families to fit this increase into their household budget, and have encouraged many other families to consider alternative energy options. These alternative options, including renewable energy solutions, are becoming increasingly popular throughout the world, to help keep energy costs under control. 

EnergyWhy the Rise in Energy Costs?

The significant rise in energy costs over the last few years is spurred by several different factors. Energy companies look to several factors to justify the increase of rates throughout the country. Some of these factors include the increase in the costs to deliver power, rebuilding the infrastructure after years of use, and the standard cost of inflation.

Electric companies in the New England area just announced significant increases for the upcoming year, due to not enough natural gas pipelines to handle the demand. Reports show that Massachusetts residents could see a 38 percent increase and Rhode Island residents a 28 percent increase. Could this be an indicator of what is to come for the rest of the country?

The Call for Renewable Energy

Due to the ever-rising energy costs and the worldwide concerns of global warming, many people are looking for alternative energy solutions, such as renewable energy. Renewable energy is energy that can be continuously replenished over time, such as solar, wind, geothermal and hydroelectric power. The source of this energy is free and fairly inexpensive to collect and convert into usable energy, compared to other energy options. One of the most popular renewable energy solutions for homeowners is solar energy because it is efficient and powerful enough to supply a majority of the energy households need.

The Benefits of Solar Energy

Solar energy can be produced by installing PV (photovoltaic) panels on the roof of the home or another nearby location. Before you get the solar panels installed make sure you have your roof inspected by ABC Roofing, Inc. These panels work by collecting the sun’s rays during the daytime and then converting that natural energy into usable energy for the home. The costs of installing these panels will be more expensive initially, but over time the panels will pay for themselves by reducing your monthly electric bill significantly. There are also various governmental incentives and tax breaks that can be used to help defray some of the costs involved in installing these panels.

In addition to affordability, these solar panels require very little maintenance. After installation, the panel pretty much takes care of themselves. They are strong enough to withstand most weather conditions, such as snow, rain, sleet, and high winds. It is recommended to have your panels inspected and cleaned every year. Solar panels are also great for the environment. It is estimated that just one 1.5-kilowatt solar panel system can reduce greenhouse gases by 110,000 pounds over the course of 25 years.

Renewable energy, especially solar energy, is quickly becoming more popular across the country, as many families look to alternative solutions. The best time to invest in solar energy is now, while the federal and state governments are still offering special incentives and tax benefits to those choosing to use solar power. As you can see, the benefits of solar energy are great and there really is no risk involved in making the change. In fact, many homeowner still maintain their current electric services, but the solar panels allow that bill to be greatly reduced each month.