Imagine sitting in an office overlooking any majestic city. Your office space is immaculate and the environment you work in and the people you work with exude professionalism, confidence and affluence. You are at the top your game while working in the middle of a business mecca.




However, you are on a shoestring budget, and that type of setup is not affordable to most. Your secret is not that you managed to haggle with the building’s landlords for a better lease. Nope, however, what you did was lease a serviced office that sits in a prime business district in one of the most attractive markets in the world—Thailand. The serviced office lease, for many, has helped many businesses find affordable space in prestigious locations.


Keep reading below to find out why the serviced office is a great option for those doing business in Thailand.


Leasing Terms


The greatest benefit to those looking for quality office space in Thailand is that the leases really give you more bang for your buck. With a typical serviced office, you would rent space on a floor of the building, but your office would already come furnished and staffed with a receptionist. Additionally, your amenities would be all-inclusive, meaning that you would pay for your utilities, cable, internet, phone and other bills with your rent. Essentially, you would pay one bill at the end of the month, which makes this so much easier in terms of developing a consistent budget.


On the other hand, with a conventional lease, you would pay separate bills for each and every amenity, if your lease does not include them. Additionally, you would be required to commit to at least a year to rent space where thereafter you would be obligated to fork over rent, whether the building meets your needs or not. Many leases for serviced offices ask their tenants commit to a shorter time, in many cases at least one month. In terms of leasing, you have more flexibility.




If your business grows, you do not have to worry about frantically searching for another place from which to do business. Serviced office leasing allows businesses to smoothly transition their outfits into larger, or smaller, spaces without the added hassles of relocating. In many cases, expansion or downsizing can be as easy as modifying your lease, as the leasing company takes responsibility for everything else.




Not only is the space outfitted with professional grade furniture and office equipment, many of the buildings are centrally located in some of the most prestigious areas. Being able to operate your business from a great location is important in terms of wooing the types of clients and partners needed to succeed in business. While competency in business matters, first impressions are important in wowing clients with a physical address that exudes affluence and wealth. Serviced offices allow you to do this affordably as well.




The great factor about doing business globally is you can be in one place but reach out to many communities for business purposes. The serviced office allows those professionals who want to expand their operations into global markets the ability to do so. One of the reasons this is possible is because many of the leases are transferable, which means you can transfer your lease to a new location.


Premium Space On A Modest Budget


The serviced office can fit out your business with office space that rivals most executive or corporate offices. At the same time, you get an office that sits in a prime location allowing you to attract clients to your business. More significantly, the price tag on this office fits any budget.