We live in an increasingly complex world. Any business that wishes to take full advantage of this complexity must engage in a programme of training to ensure that all company members can embrace and recognise these changes.


The changing workplace


Respect is one of the fundamental keys to modern business. It’s important to understand that the global economy is based around many different cultures and traditions and any company that wishes to succeed in this fast paced and exciting world should look at different ways in which to encourage all employees to take advantage of these challenges. Equality and diversity training is a good place to start. Everyone is different and each culture will have other ways of carrying out a task but most people strive towards the same outcome – a contented workplace that works towards a profitable future for all.


How to achieve a positive outcome


Most companies would like to think that all members of their staff are treated in a fair and non-discriminatory fashion. Yet it’s only through equality and diversity debate within the company that certain problems can come to light. All companies will find it beneficial to engage in training, if only to highlight certain problematic areas. For example, are the best employees with the optimum skills being promoted, despite their gender, colour or creed?


Company boardroom promotion


Another area that should be put under the spotlight is the boardroom. A recent article in The Independent newspaper revealed that of the directors of the UK’s top FTSE 100 companies only 19% were women. Company training programmes will reveal why this is the case and also encourage questions and debate on this issue. Role-play is vital, as this type of exercise can reveal entrenched points of view and may help modify them for the future.


Assistance for every company member


With an increasing number of companies employing many from different cultures and backgrounds, it’s important that help is given to all in order to maximise potential. If a company employee has language problems but recognisable talent, then the company should encourage that person to undergo additional language training. An open mind is always important in business and this applies as much to the treatment of staff as it does to new opportunities. Diversity should always be recognised as an asset.