Sometimes we have a lot of items we do not want to throw away but have no room for in the house or office. This is where a self storage unit comes in.     For a small fee, your items are secured in a building for a specified period of time. While these units have saved so many people, lot of headache and money, it is worth noting that not anything can be stored in them. Each of the reputable companies offering self storage services provides potential clients with a list showing all the items that should never appear in these units. It is in your best interest to comply with the laid guidelines, especially due to the agreement you will sign indicating you have no qualms about the conditions the self storage company has laid out clearly. Here are items that cannot be stored in these self storage units.

Hazardous, flammable or toxic items

None of the self storage facilities out there allow these types of items obviously due to the risk that come with them. Many items fall into this group such as explosive devices, toxic waste, drugs, paint, fertilizers, acids, kerosene, oils, gasoline and fuels. These are just some of the products but lots of others fall within this grouping. However, you are better off visiting or calling the company to know what exactly qualifies and what doesn’t.

Perishable food items

Perishable food items should clearly not be stored in a self storage facility. These include such foods as meat, vegetables and fruits that cannot even be stored in a refrigerator at home for a long time before they start rotting. Remember, rodents love rotten food and lower the hygiene levels of any place, something you would not like to see in your favorite self storage facility. However, most foods are not banned such as tinned food products.

Plants and animals

Self storage facilities do not allow people to store animals or plants in their units. They clearly indicate they do not engage in gardening or pet sitting and usually store those items that do not move.


It is possible to find storage units that allow you to keep your car with its tires on in the facility, provided they are yours and not stolen. You will also find most companies have set limits on the number of tires allowed in their store, where the most common number is just four tires. The reason is that you might decide not to come for them, yet they are quite hard to dispose of legally.

Personal files

You will also find other items are to be stored properly, although not in a self storage unit but your home. You definitely want to keep your documents close to you to protect them from getting into the wrong hands. Identity thieves are always in search of ways to steal personal information and personal documents are the first thing they go for. Always avoid packing any type of document inside a storage unit.

Other items to avoid storing in a storage facility include sentimental value items like family heirlooms, photo collection and others that could get damaged if exposed to certain conditions.

This article is written by Nathan who is an business analyst who has to do lot of travelling.  He got inspired to write this article after his recent house moving experience with Fort Collins, Colorado movers who assisted him in moving to a different city in Fort Collins