Office designers as well as managers and employees have all been waking up to the importance of plants and greenery in the workplace. There are many benefits attached to having plants in the office, including boosted productivity, reduced stress, enhanced mood, fewer airborne pollutants, and cleaner air to breathe. If you are interested in adding plants to your office design, here are a few tips on how to do it:

Using Plants at Reception

The reception or lobby is obviously the first place visitors see when they come to the building. Adding plants to the reception design helps to create a positive first impression. Plants also naturally have a calming effect on people, which can help put clients and new staff at ease, says Commercial People.

Using Plants as Partitions or Screens

One novel use for plants in the office is to create natural screens or dividers between sections of the office. The plant partitions give separate areas privacy yet they do not completely block off sections of the office, meaning that the space is still open and inviting to everyone. Partitioning with plants also helps to purify the air in the office and the scent of plants and shrubs can be a benefit in an open plan space.

Plants as Effective Sound Barriers

Plants are ideal when placed around the office as they can help to muffle loud noise, making the office space calmer and reducing the flow of noise around the room. Plants are natural sound absorbers, and they are ideal in an open plan office for this reason. Planting up a wall is a very effective way to achieve sound buffering in a workplace.

Using Plants as Focal Points

Plants do not have to blend into the background. They can be standout conversation pieces, giving clients something to talk about and helping enhance the image of the business. Plants do not have to be too elaborate, but they can also act as a way into the room, leading the eye away from less attractive places.

Plants to Build Brand

For a company that deals with the outdoors, health, or nature, there is nothing better than natural life in the office to enhance the company’s brand. Many businesses will also benefit from being associated with nature, and practically any business will enjoy the health benefits of working with plants in the office.


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