For modern businesses, standing out from the crowd is everything. Yet, it’s no easy feat when there are a thousand rivals all clamouring for attention within your city. You can invest heavily in your online presence. This is a tried and tested way to boost credibility and get your name and brand out there. You can get creative and experiment with experiential marketing.

None of these things will have a lasting impact, however, if your physical office location just isn’t right. You shouldn’t underestimate the importance of a great corporate base because it provides the building blocks on which the whole operation is based. For instance, something as small as a lack of parking spaces could end up making employees late, on a regular basis, and this is likely to lead to a significant dip in productivity.

These handy hints and tips will help you choose an office location that not only turns heads but also maximises performance.

Plenty of Prestige

If possible, you do want to secure yourself an address that looks great on paper. This means somewhere close to the main business district of the city, where all the most recognisable brands and companies are situated. For instance, Servcorp provides unbranded, furnished serviced office space in Auckland at flat rate monthly prices. It has facilities at a number of eminent sites, including Quay Street and Shortland Street.

Centrality and Ease of Access

A central location comes with a multitude of benefits. For one thing, this is where customers and investors expect to see the best and brightest brands; right at the heart of a city. Sponsors, investors, and suppliers are much more likely to consider working with you if they can find the company easily and it is in close proximity to the major public transport links. Don’t forget that a central location will also eliminate tiring commutes for most employees.

Literal Visibility

This is an aspect of location hunting that tends to be overlooked by most businesses, but if you get it wrong, it could cost you a lot of money. It is no good investing in a high-profile address if visitors can’t spot you quickly. So, scout out potential locations. Visit in person before you sign any agreements and, if possible, review the approach to the building by travelling there in a car on foot. Check that another taller structure or a curving freeway doesn’t obscure it.

Parking Spaces for All

The amount of parking spaces allocated to your office might seem like a trivial issue, but as soon as they run out, it will become a big problem. It can be a lot tougher than you realise to find additional spots that are close to the building. So, without adequate facilities, you’ll end up asking employees (and worse, potential sponsors and partners) to leave their cars around the block and find you on foot. It is a superficial obstacle, but image matters when it comes to success in the corporate world.

Why Serviced Offices Provide the Best Workspaces in New Zealand

With a fully equipped serviced office, you can enjoy all of these assets at an affordable price. Plus, your lease will be entirely flexible, so that you can upgrade to a larger workspace in the future. As serviced solutions don’t require a 2-5 year lock in contract, like most conventional offices, tenants can renegotiate their terms of use whenever it suits. This is a huge advantage, as markets change quickly and the businesses that can adapt to unexpected peaks and troughs are the ones that thrive.