Running a restaurant business requires a tight handle on different things that intersect together to form the perfect customer experience. And one of the things that plays a key role in ensuring this happens are the restaurant’s equipment. From the pans that cook the food to the utensils that patrons use to slice through that medium rare steak, the equipment you use can make or break your business in the long run. Thus, it makes practical sense to invest in high quality equipment. Here are five tips on how to get the best equipment without burning off your operating capital.

Look For Commercial-Grade Equipment

Local health authorities strongly advise that restaurants use only equipment that is deemed commercial-grade. This is due to the fact that commercial-grade equipment involves easier maintenance and is relatively more robust than residential-grade equipment.

Look For Quality, Then Cost

Buying cheap is of course ideal, but having to replace the equipment ever so often does nothing for your pockets. Strive a balance between cost and quality when shopping for new restaurant equipment. Different sources use different materials and methods to manufacture and design their products. You’ll need to dig a bit deeper and research the methods and technologies they use for manufacturing, which directly affect the product’s longevity and performance.

Switch to a Greener Course

Energy Star-certified equipment can be slightly pricier than regular models thus often repelling restaurant managers and owners from buying them. However, the premiums paid from Energy Star-certified equipment can be recouped in the long run through energy bill savings and tax deductions granted to eco-friendly investments.

Check For a Warranty

It’s always a prudent decision to purchase items with warranty information. Any new piece of commercial-grade equipment you shop for should be covered with a warranty, especially if you are buying in bulk or buying a big-ticket item, such as a 60-inch restaurant range or a 50 lb air-cooled storage unit. Warranties protect you from faulty products and ensure that your restaurant will always have a replacement ready to fulfill the tasks needed.

Consider Leasing Options

Many third-party contractors offer equipment leasing, which can save you a large sum of money over time. Equipment with short shelf life, such as ice machines, are ideal subjects for a leasing contract. Other vendors offer leasing options for free as long as you purchase the products later on.

The right tools for the job is paramount to consistent, high-quality customer service. You’ll find the tips above more than useful when looking for commercial kitchen equipment.