Want to give more publicity to your YouTube videos? In this article you will find 6 simple tip you can implement to increase the number of subscribers to your channel and increase views.

1. Post frequently

Take advantage of smartphones and cameras that record high quality for short videos that do not exceed 3 minutes. It has been found that after this time the attention of user’s decays. You can make videos with a particular theme like “kitchen in 3 minutes”, “Features of smartphones” segments mood or just sing a song. Also, you could give a commercial twist and publish video tutorials on the products and services you offer. You can also gaining popularity by ordering views.

The issue of frequency and the number of videos is the key to generating subscribers in the channel. Set a goal and plan content. For example, you can plan the launch of a video a week, every 15 days, monthly, etc. It is important not to forget to meet this goal. Consistency is the key.

2. Set a good profile for your channel

Customize the channel. Add the links of your website, social networking, and blog. Add a photo avatar and cover. Be yourself. Customize the channel is important to give a good impression to those who come to your videos. Remember that you can highlight the video you’d like to display more so that in this way the visitor is tempted to see it.

3. Encourage your community

As you do on other social networks, you can encourage the community to leave your comments performing a closing question in the videos that appeals directly to the viewer. Or you can launch a slogan for video- other users issue a response. The number of views and comments and the frequency which hauls the videos directly impact the rating of your videos to YouTube. Be aware and avoid getting banned in youtube.

4. Lists and links other videos

YouTube annotations let you place links to other videos. Use them to generate more views on your videos. Also, you can create a list and add all the videos on the same topic. Thus, each time a video is finished yours will automatically play another. This option is ideal for those who want to dabble in the form of novels, series or chapters in YouTube.

How to create a list on YouTube?

Very easy!

  • Click the button “Add to” videos you want to put on a list.
  • Enter the name of the new playlist.
  • Click Create List

Then all the videos you want to add to that list just have title the name of the list you’ve created.

How to create annotations on YouTube?

  • Go to channel video manager.
  • Next to the video you want to edit, click the down arrow to the right of the “Edit” button and select annotations.
  • Click the Add button on the right note.
  • Click publishes when you’re finished creating your annotations.

Remember to apply labels to each of the videos to appear on the YouTube search engine when someone searches for content such as the offer.

5. Spread sharing on blogs, social networks and sending mails

Remember that YouTube allows you to spread your videos to other social networks. Do it! It’s a good way to get new subscribers.

Blogs also allow you to insert YouTube links. If you have a blog feel free to share your new audiovisual initiative through this space.