Couriers have emerged as the chosen way to send goods via mail, mainly due to their convenience and professional service. Many courier companies have emerged in the 21st century that will pick up parcels from your business address and deliver them to any destination over the world.

With a range of delivery speeds, insurance options and quick online booking facilities, it is no surprise that these professional courier services have become popular with business owners. Prices also remain competitive within the industry, meaning the frequent and often gruelling trip down to the Post Office starts to make less sense.

Businesses who use couriers on a regular basis should be constantly thinking of how to utilise their services more efficiently. This will not only save you time but also help maximise profits whilst doing so.

Preparing Parcels Properly

Using a courier service isn’t just about shoving an item into a parcel and letting them do the rest. You have responsibilities when it comes to packaging the goods as carefully as possible. This is extremely important for expensive or fragile items. Wrap things individually using bubble wrap and then fill the container with polystyrene popcorn or newspaper. Also make sure the outer packaging is sturdy enough to support the goods inside, use robust tape to reinforce edges if needed.

Size Regulations

Although one of the benefits of using a courier is that you can send multiple items in one go, each one will need to fall under a maximum size and weight regulations. During the booking phase, you will need to measure and weigh each parcel to obtain a quote. Any inaccuracies with these measurements and you could be facing an additional surcharge. Items in excess of the courier’s regulations may even be returned to you. Carefully review the requirements so this costly mistake isn’t made.

Choose the Right Courier

Because there are different kinds of couriers available, some will be more suitable for your business than others. Take into consideration what sort of user you will be. For example, will you be sending parcels weekly or even daily on a regular basis, or is a more infrequent service required?  What size will the parcels be and what type of goods will be sent? Research into which courier caters for your requirements as best as possible.

Form a Positive Working Relationship

If you already use a courier and are happy with their service, you could try and contact the company and develop a personal relationship with them. Make it known you appreciate their efforts and will be using them for the foreseeable future when it comes to sending goods. This may allow you to negotiate for a lower price if you can guarantee orders over a long period.

Use Comparison Sites

As a way to cut down costs, you should always be on the lookout for cheaper courier services, especially if you are a frequent user. As the internet has contributed to their rise over the last few years, it is here where the best deals will be found. A good way to do this is to use comparison websites, or alternatively simply manually review each company. Obtain quotes and play them off against each other to achieve the best price for your needs.

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