Crest Financial is a major name in the finance industry. They are committed to offering those with little or no credit the opportunity to finance things. They have been extremely successful in the past and their team is constantly working to develop new strategies for the company. They recently came up with a new financial marketing hook.

Crest wants their merchant clients to attract new customers and they want to help customers build credit. Crest recently announced that they would report credit. This reporting system will let help their credit challenged customers develop good credit by making payments to Crest in a timely fashion.

Traditionally, merchants have used financial hooks that are targeted at customers with perfect credit scores. Advertising campaigns that offer zero interest for 12 to 24 months sound appealing, but customers with little or no credit know that they will not receive these offers. These credit challenged customers may like the sound of no interest, but they know they will never receive the low interest. These campaigns actually prevent companies from receiving customers.

Crest noticed this troubling trend and they decided to capitalize on it. Crest uses a lease/purchase program that does not require a credit check.

Crest knows that many people wish to build their credit, but they simply do not have the means to build it quickly. Crest will now report payments as a free service to their clients. The payments will be reported to Equifax Credit Bureau. Crest has started integrating the term “Build Your Credit with Crest Financial” into their marketing materials, so customers know that they can achieve good credit with the help of Crest. Crest believes that this ad campaign will attract responsible clients that want to build their credit for the future.

Crest is also advertising a 90 Day In-Home Layaway program. This program allows people to take the product home and pay it off over time. The program should take inventory stress off of stores while making the company money. Participants will have to place $40 down, but after that initial payment they can enjoy their new furniture at home. Crest handles the entire transaction, which saves each store some accounting time.

Crest’s ultimate goal is to help merchants grow their business. They provide potential customers the credit they need, so stores can grow their base. The company has an excellent customer service reputation, which keeps people coming back.

Crest is confident that these latest innovations will boost sales and help their clients. They have consulted with multiple stores and many of their clients are enthusiastic about the programs. The future looks bright for Crest.