Connecticut Governor, Dan Malloy, just signed into action a bill that will enable patients to obtain medicinal marijuana from certified pharmacists. This makes Connecticut the 17th state in the U.S. to legalize the drug in some form.

Protestants for the Common Good has been and continues to be the most visible faith voice supporting Illinois patients who are suffering from the most painful and debilitating illnesses. However, Illinois still has not passed a medical marijuana bill.

Since 2010, PCG has been asking those who follow The Common Good News to support HB 30 (The Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act) by calling and encouraging their legislative Representatives and associated Senators to support this bill. In Illinois, HB 30 is one of the most strictly regulated bills for the medicinal use of marijuana in the nation.

Many of the controls we see in Connecticut’s recently passed bill were also seen at the introduction of Illinois’ HB 30 in the 97th General Assembly.

Support for allowing medical marijuana is very strong across the State of Illinois. According to Public Policy Polling, support for this bill is as high as 76% in the DuPage County area. Most recent results indicate 64% of people support allowing medical marijuana in the 53rd House District, and 67% in the 18th Senatorial District. Once again, we are witnessing one of those moments where the electorate is well ahead of the people they have chosen to represent them in the legislature.

Please join us by recognizing the medicinal efficacy of marijuana for a select number of serious illnesses. Let’s make Illinois a compassionate use State when HB 30 comes up again for a vote in the House of Representatives in November.

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