Faith & Economic Justice

The loving God of all demands that human beings order their economic life justly.

Two bills currently being considered—one in Springfield and the other in Washington—could, if enacted, result in positive benefits for low-income families. more

Taxes Aren’t Fair

Illinois’ current flat tax system is unfair and not really flat. Taxpayers in the lowest 20 percent pay almost 14 cents on the dollar in state and local taxes while those in the top 1 percent pay only 5 cents. Justice calls us to the fair tax campaign. more

Avoiding the Wilderness

We have to assume, I think, that they didn’t come as a cohort – the Pharisees and Sadducees, that is. Just some, maybe only a few, of each group appeared out there in the wilderness of Judea, where John the Baptizer was dipping people in the Jordan River – those who heeded his call to repent. more

Fair Tax Deadline, May 4th

Illinois needs a fair tax. The current flat-rate income tax structure is unfair, inadequate, and unjust. We ask you to stand with us and A Better Illinois and support a constitutional amendment that allows a fair tax—a graduated income tax. more

A Different Division

It’s pretty typical for we Americans to think we’re number one, especially when it comes to wealth. But we’re not. more

Successful Session!

Throughout the session, our organizing, advocacy, and coalition efforts led to good results in Springfield—all of which will make a positive difference for children, youth, families and adults who live in poverty. more

With adjournment of the Illinois General Assembly set for the end of May, there is urgent work to be done on the 2014 budget. We need to close some tax loopholes in order to reduce some of the proposed cuts to services. more

Subjunctive Unity

The Dow breaks 15,000! Whoopee! Let’s break out the bubbly and start the march toward 16,000. I can’t help fantasizing about what this will mean for my retirement accounts. You too? But is everybody cheering? Is everybody looking ahead to a new high? Are fattened retirement accounts on everyone’s mind? Maybe not. more

The Fair Tax Campaign’s upcoming series of “Train the Trainer” events is a great opportunity to get involved in a significant tax reform initiative in Illinios. more

A One-Time Gift

Was it a spur-of-the-moment thing? Or was it something Mary had in mind for a long time? more

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“It is better to have a heart without words than words without a heart.”

—Mahatma Gandhi