Laura Dean F. Friedrich

Director of Policy and Advocacy

Speaking of Poverty…

Why aren’t Barack Obama and Mitt Romney talking about poverty? Is it possible that our presidential candidates really believe that we can address poverty in this country through acts of charity and good public services? Something important is missing. more

Medicaid Cuts Hurt

Medicaid is a jointly funded state and Federal government program that pays for medically necessary services. With the passage of the Medicaid reform legislation, via SB 2840, in May 2012, Illinois will now pay for less medically-necessary health care services. more

While many of us are relishing the wonderful days of summer, PCG is already looking ahead to the fall. That will be an exciting time as we talk with churches about faith and politics and prepare for the veto session of the Illinois General Assembly. more

A new process for charity care—free and reduced-cost care for uninsured and under-insured individuals at nonprofit, tax-exempt hospitals in Illinois—has emerged from the General Assembly. This important step forward for health care justice is tempered by the expansion of the provisions of tax exemption for hospitals across the state. more

PCG and other members of Raise Illinois expect that SB 1565—the bill calling for an increase in the minimum wage—will be heard and voted on in the Senate Executive Committee on Wednesday, May 16th. You can join our PCG train riders to make your voice heard through calls or e-mails to your legislators. more

The Right Choice

“Is health care a right or a choice?” was the question posed to me recently by a high-school student who was interviewing me about current legislative issues. more

Opposition to SB 1545—the Minimum Wage Bill—remains strong, but PCG’s commitment to this important legislation is also strong. But we know we still have a lot of hard work to do. Here’s where we are right now. more

Mixed Results

The General Assembly’s 2011 legislative year finally ended on December 13, 2011 after it passed two significant bills—one to give some tax relief to low-income, working families who are eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit and the other to grant highly-profitable corporations tax breaks. more

A Glimmer of Good News

It appears likely that some funding will be restored to several of the human service programs and facilities cut in the 2012 state budget. Whether it’s a supplemental appropriation, as some say, or a budget reallocation, as other prefer to call it, this restored funding represents good news for some of the most vulnerable people of Illinois. more

Ironies Abound

You’d think the irony of an income tax increase that’s generating new revenue for Illinois while it’s being derided in the press and hated by the public would be enough. But no, when it comes to Illinois politics, there are more ironies to be found at the 2011 Veto Session of the General Assembly. more

“It is better to have a heart without words than words without a heart.”

—Mahatma Gandhi