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Steve Shoemaker

Keepin’ the Faith features interviews on issues of spirituality, ethics, values and religion. It is a weekly live call-in show hosted by Steve Shoemaker, former Executive Director of the University YMCA. Shoemaker holds a Ph.D. in Religion from Duke University and serves on the PCG board. subscribe

8/12/2012 Public Policy Advocates: Community Renewal Society/Protestants for the Common Good, with Laura Dean Friedrich and Courtney Eccles of PCG

1/15/2012 The Devil’s Brew: Wealth, Power & Inequality, with Nancy Brandt of PCG

7/10/2011 The Criminal Justice Initiative for Illinois, with Walter Boyd of PCG

12/05/2010 Education and Advocacy in the State Capitol, with Courtney Eccels of PCG

4/26/2009 Protestants for the Common Good, with Al Sharp, Executive Director of PCG

2/6/2005 Abortion Rights, Larry Greenfield of PCG

5/30/2004 Protestants for the Common Good, with Al Sharp, Director of PCG

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