Designing a winning exhibition stand is harder than it looks. It takes thought, time and creativity to get it just right. But when it’s right, it can help to draw in visitors from afar and convey your messages in a quick and easy way. Here are 5 design tips for your next exhibition stand:

  1. Less is more

When it comes to designing a display, less information is more. It can seem tempting to tell passersby everything about your products and services through your display, but bombarding them with information won’t help. The best designs keep things simple.

  1. Choose the right display

Choose a display that will be visible above people’s heads so they see your stand from afar. It’s no good choosing a display that will only be seen once people are front and centre as that won’t help to attract attention from those standing at the other end of the hall.

So with your stand space in mind, it’s important to think about the type of display that would be best for your design to grab attention. A popular choice are Marler Haley roller banners which are over 2 metres tall. They suit pretty much any size stand as either the primary or supporting display and can be reused at different events if you’re clever with your design…

  1. Think about longevity

If you’re planning on using this display over and over again, then it’s best to choose a design that will stand the test of time. Use a simple logo, big image and strapline to draw attention. Keeping it this simple will make sure that you can reuse it at any event – unless you rebrand!

If however, you want to be more specific with your display to show people that you have a new service, or have a timed campaign like an offer that you think will get more people to your stand, then it may be better to create a specific design for your exhibition stand.

  1. Think about movement

Half of the design of a stand should actually be focused on how the stand works than how it looks. Although the looks of a stand will help to attract attention, how it helps people to interact with you and your staff will mean that it’s easier for you to convert visitors to leads and sales. Such as whether there’s an area for lead-taking, or if you need a quieter area for short meetings if you’re seeing existing clients. It’s also about making sure that you strike a balance between being too sparse and too cluttered.

Consider what you need your display to do for you and then work backwards to see how you can achieve it through thoughtful design.

  1. Be on-brand

When designing your stand, make sure that everything that is added complements your brand. Although you may think that using bright colours will attract people from afar, if it doesn’t compliment your brand, products or services then all your display will do is confuse your messaging and passersby.

Trust in your brand and your colour palate. Choose high contrast where possible to create a stunning display that you and your brand can be proud of.