As a business owner, you have to be a master of many things. You need a huge range of skills that will allow you to run every area of your business. This requires at least some basic knowledge in each business area. Four of those areas that you should make sure your skills are pretty solid in include customer service, marketing, legal and accounting.

Customer Service

Customers are the lifeblood of your company. Without them, you have no business. That is what makes customer service a very important area to understand. To have a good grasp on customer service, you should make sure that you understand the main principles You have to know how to keep your customers happy and what they want. You need to be able to handle problems swiftly and do so in a way that will leave customers satisfied. You also have to integrate customer service in all areas of your business and always looking for ways to improve service.


Marketing is an important area because it is how you get customers for your business. You have to be good at marketing so you can create advertisements and other materials to draw people to your company. You have to be able to communicate why they would want to buy your product or service in a clear way. You also need to understand all the different ways you can market. These include mail, television, billboards, radio and internet.

It is important to have a good grasp on the marketing mix, also called the 5Ps. This is product, price, place, promotion and people. Each of these areas plays a role in how you market your business. If you have a good balance in the marketing mix, you are able to be successful in your marketing attempts.


When it comes to all the legal aspects of running a business, it is difficult for you to handle them all if you don’t have a legal degree. However, you can focus in on a few key areas. To begin with, you should understand the legal definition of your business. This means knowing what legal form your business has taken, which you can learn more about from institutions like USC. Or, if you interested in taking a more in-depth understanding you can click here to learn about USC’s masters in LLM online program. This will affect many decisions about how you do business.

It also helps to be tuned into politics and how they are affecting the legal aspects of your business. Public administration, for example, can play a huge role in what you can and can’t do as a business owner. There are many politicians who once worked in public administration so it is no surprise that these areas are linked. In addition, public policies affect the law a lot, especially in areas like employment and environmental regulation.


Accounting is another area where you need to be knowledgeable. You have to manage your business’ budget and ensure its finances are in good shape. To do this, you need some basic accounting knowledge. While you’ll likely work with an accountant, you also must be able to keep daily records to give to your accountant. This involves knowing how to create financial documents and monitor cash flow.

Being knowledgeable in these four areas of business will help you to be a better business owner. You’ll be more likely to spot issues and handle trouble, which will lead to a better chance at business success.